AI Impact Alliance

Our Mission: AI Impact Alliance aims to facilitate an ethical and responsible implementation of Artificial Intelligence, for the benefit of the greatest number of people. By bringing together experts from complementary sectors and disciplines, AI Impact Alliance studies the social, political, legal and ethical implications of AI and proposes solutions to achieve the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. AI Impact Alliance is a founding member of the International Observatory on the Ethical and Social Impact of AI.


AI on a Social Mission is a two day annual conference that brings together scientists and researchers, NPOs, large companies, start-ups, civil society, political decision-makers and innovators in the social sector. Together, they collaborate to advance the use of Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of the greatest number of people. The conference aims to facilitate the achievement of the 17 UN goals to support sustainable development, including through education, health, environment, employment, inclusion and training. 

Art Impact is a joint production between AI Impact Alliance and UKAI Projects, co-lead by Akoulina Connell, Jerrold McGrath and Valentine Goddard. Its mission is to engage artists in a national dialogue on artificial intelligence, to explore its potential with them and to amplify the role that artists play in the major changes that this technology offers. Starting in the summer of 2019, Art Impact will organize and facilitate nearly 20 workshops across Canada to generate shared resources, publish public recommendations and create a community of practice to address the impact of AI. Results will be revealed at the AI on a Social Mission Conference. Come and hear what artists have to say at #AIOASM2020!

AI Impact Alliance YouTube Channel content can be viewed here

The 3rd edition of AI on a Social Mission Conference will be held May 14th and 15th 2020 at the beautiful, historic Rialto Theatre in Montreal.

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Who are the members of AI Impact Alliance?

AI Impact Alliance members are part of a global network of organizations and experts
from different disciplines that share a commitment to developing ethical and responsible
AI, as well as ensuring a beneficial deployment of AI in society. We are committed to
improving the access to AI for Civil Society Organizations that strive to protect human
rights and achieve Sustainable Development Goals. To reach that goal we facilitate an
inclusive governance of data, AI and associated technologies.

Our members are organizations, from private, public and civil sector. We support our
members by creating international connections and providing unique and exceptional
services, information and resources. Our work is dedicated to member organizations and
their staff, from senior executives and policy makers, to researchers, grant makers and
administrators of social purpose organizations.

In addition to its members, AI Impact Alliance can also count on its international,
multidisciplinary Advisory Board, as well as our Expert Collaborators with disciplines
ranging from computer science and engineering to social sciences and the arts.

The quality of our work is made possible by the engagement and support of all our
members and collaborators.

Membership perks

AI Impact Alliance provides members with a high-level international network,
information, training, consultations and AI Ethics and Social Impact Committees.

  • Priority access and reductions for your organization and its members to join
    workshops, conferences and events such as the AI on a Social Mission Annual
  • Access to an international network of Member Organizations and Expert
  • Invitations to join our Policy Innovation Workgroups, Board Meetings, and various
    committees. *Some of our current projects include the development of an engaging
    Citizen Bot who will answer questions about AI. Members will suggest questions and committees will be formed to determined high quality, balanced answers.
  • Priority invitation to join our Industry Ethics Committee, to determine clear criteria
    industry can count on and be confident that their use of AI is ethical, responsible and
    has a measurable, beneficial social impact.
  • Access to knowledge and analysis, including AI Impact Alliance’s reports, research, discussion papers as well as other knowledge sharing tools.
  • Access to AI Impact Alliance’s networks and communications channels to promote
    your activities, events and publications that are in line with the mission and values of
    AI Impact Alliance.
  • Help coordinating programs, content expertise, brokering partnerships, liaising with international networks, which includes award winning AI Scientists as well as Digital Rights Organizations from around the world, Social Economy Researchers, Privacy Law experts, Civil Society Organizations as well as artists.
  • Visibility: Recognition of membership on our web site and the use of our logo on your website.
  • AI Impact Alliance is developing a certification program that confirms industry
    performance at the Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

Other benefits will be added soon, and your suggestions are welcome.


Examples of committees in planning:

  • Committee on the Social Acceptability of the Use of AI
  • Committee on Legal and Regulatory Innovation
  • AI Ethics Committee
  • Committee on Climate Change
  • Committee on the Future of Work and Future Skills
  • Committee on Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Committee on the Measurement of the Social Impact of AI
  • Committee on AI and Social Inequalities
  • Committee on Creativity and the Role of the Arts in Digital Transformation

Practical case : A question is submitted by a Start up around the use of Emotion Recognition in the field of Health Insurance. That question raises interest by other members and upon request, a committee is formed with the relevant stakeholders. All member’s concerns, perspectives and expertise will be heard and discussed under the Chatham House Rule. The facilitated discussions are constructive and within a trusted environment, and benefit from the knowledge of our network composed of over 200 researchers as well as civil society organizations.

Those active in the development of AI solutions can be confident they are complying
with the current highest, most impartial standards on the questions relevant to their
specific work. This in turn ensures trust in AI to take root in informed social
dialogue, adapted to rapidly changing perceptions of AI, and supports the social
acceptability of its use and applications.

Membership fees are designed to be fair and inclusive. Smaller civil society organizations and start ups can join for as little as 500$. To access the many perks of membership, the appreciated contribution of larger corporations is 9000$. *These prices are valid from December 2019 to December 2020.

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